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Are you considering publishing an integrated annual report for 2020? At Hidden Champion, we are eager to help you make this transition. We will advise you on the integration of your sustainability report and financial annual report, and write your report in Dutch and/or English.

With Hidden Champion, you are guaranteed a partner with an understanding of the business. You can rest assured that the stakeholders' dialogue, creative concept, project strategy and graphic design are in good hands.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 

The GRI standards are the global standards for sustainability reporting. Hidden Champion will work closely with you to lay a solid foundation for your annual report in line with the GRI guidelines. We will create a plan to achieve your annual report ambitions, allowing you to create a transparent annual report in which you discuss both your business and sustainability ambitions with stakeholders in detail.

Your annual report 

Hidden Champion can support you even if you have no plans to create an annual report according to the GRI guidelines. We can work with you to find ways to improve and enrich your report. Creating a more transparent annual report requires good preparation and clear thinking beforehand. As practical creatives, can we switch just as easily to the ‘classic’ approach, if this better suits your needs. 

An appropriate approach for each phase 

Has your annual reporting approach been following a fixed script for years now? Would you like to communicate more openly and naturally, but are struggling to convince your organisation to do so? Whatever stage you are at in your reporting journey, at Hidden Champion, we will tailor our approach to your specific situation. This includes communicating internally about your report ambitions in the run-up to taking the 'next step'. Let us provide the support you need very step of the way.

Ready to take the next step towards your annual report 2021?

At Hidden Champion, we offer the knowledge, skills, manpower and tools to create a more dynamic, informative and transparent annual report.

Working method 

Hidden Champion has a lot to offer when creating your annual report:

Annual report scan

There’s no better way to get the most out of your reporting than by analysing your current reports. As advisors as well as creatives, we can carefully scan your existing reporting materials, providing a comprehensive evaluation complete with suggestions and recommendations.

Content plan annual reportContent plan annual report

Prior to production, we will advise you on a 'reporting framework' with a concrete approach, including the integration of business results in a content plan. The focus is on value creation.

Content creation annual report

We consult with you to determine the publication form: a PDF, a digital magazine or a website.
Creating and sharing content in text and images can be done via email, Google Drive or other cloud-based content management tools. Hidden Champion works with you to create the annual report in a secure online environment. This approach can also involve integration with Excel files. In addition, XBRL reporting can be generated from these, based on ESEF (European Uniform Electronic Reporting Format).

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Is corporate social responsibility (CSR) one of your company’s spearheads? And are your objectives in line with the UN SDGs? Our specialists will incorporate the SDGs into your report, helping your stakeholders understand your CSR mission, vision and actions. 

Stakeholders dialogue

To compile a materiality matrix, we advise entering a dialogue with your internal and external stakeholders. Hidden Champion is happy to take the lead in setting up and implementing this process 

Expertise for each part of annual report creation

Looking for substantive advice and expertise in the field of project management, copywriting, graphic design, video, infographics and guidance in a stakeholder dialogue? We provide comprehensive support in every aspect.


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