Is your organisation active in the Netherlands and overseas? Then you need written communication which is clear, correct in content and focused on the target group in the relevant country. This starts with a solid base text. Hidden Champion's native-speaker translators are happy to help you translate that story into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Or vice versa: from a foreign language into Dutch.

Approach to translation

The first step in translation is always an analysis of the source text. A translated text must be correct in terms of content and must evoke the same feeling as the original. A specialist translator with substantive knowledge of your sector carries out the assignment. Examples: logistics, finance, food, health care, tech or IT. We work according to the four-eyes principle. A translation is always proofread by a second native translator; this way we ensure the highest quality for your translation.

You name it, we translate it

Any text form or content type is in good hands with us for a translation. Digital newsletters, magazines, website landing pages, reports, blogs, social media posts, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, white papers, SEO keywords. You name it, we translate it.

Transcreation approach

When translating marketing texts, we recommend the use of transcreation. This is a combination of 'translation' and 'creation'. We use this technique when your organisation wants to convey the same message to potential customers in other language areas and cultures, but with different words. A translation may be technically correct, but not evoke the right feelings. In transcreation, the translator looks at the structure of the text and the tone of voice.
Transcreation is an interim solution between 'translating what is written' and fully adapting the text for a specific target group. Do you want a different message for a specific country? No problem, our native copywriter will 'transcreate' your text into the other language according to your wishes.

Native speaking copywriters

Want to have a text written in a specific foreign language straight away? Then use our native-speaker copywriter service. A native speaker at Hidden Champion can write a new text in English, German or Spanish based on an interview and/or other sources.