Vos Logistics is one of Europe’s leading logistics service providers. For the 2019 Integrated Report, Vos Logistics made the leap to hire a Native English copywriter for the first time - understanding that to truly connect with a global audience, Native English is essential. 

Vos Logistics worked with one of our Native English copywriters to produce a high quality report against tight timelines. Even amidst the breakout of a global pandemic, we didn’t skip a beat.

The report was written in line with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (G4 Core).

Review and vision Vos Logistics 

CEO Frank Verhoeven jives his vision on four topics that will have the most influence on the logistics sector in the next 25 years: digitalization & data analysis, sustainability, e-commerce and the labor market. He emphasizes that these developments are driven by technology, changing markets and practices and, increasingly, by cooperation.

Approach Hidden Champion GRI annual report 

We produced the annual report in 6 steps:

1) Kick-off meeting
We spent the day at Vos Logistics HQ in Oss, meeting key players in person and taking the time to understand and connect with the company. We ran through the themes, structure and content plan for the report as well as how we could best support the smooth running of managing the project. 

2) Finalising content plan
Vos Logistics was a dream client – they came to us with an excellent content plan and carefully thought out timeline. We quickly engaged to add value at every step.

3) Interviews
To deepen our understanding of the company and gather as much material as possible in the most efficient way, we held a day of interviews with Frank Verhoeven and CFO Ben Vos as well as heads of all relevant departments.  

4) Copywriting, consultation, feedback revisions 
We kept the client with us every step of the way, processing feedback quickly and with no fuss.

5) The bigger picture – design and copy
We kept connected with the visual concept, ensuring the copy would work well with the design. While we kept laser focus on our task of writing the copy, we always kept the big picture in mind to make sure all the moving parts could come together for best results.

6) Proofing
We’re fastidious about the proofing process. No one likes a typo. 


An integrated financial and sustainability report in which Vos Logistics provides a coherent insight into the financial and non-financial performance of the company. Against a backdrop of challenging market conditions, a significant decline in industrial production and an uncertain political and economic climate across Europe, Vos Logistics achieved a healthy financial performance and positive strategic development in 2019.

About Vos Logistics

Logistics service provider Vos Logistics is one of the largest road hauliers in Europe in the field of international bulk and volume transport (Mega and High Volume). Vos Logistics provides sustainable transport and customer-specific logistics services. With 3,050 employees, the company has a modern fleet of 1,410 vehicles, 3,975 loading units and 302,000 m2 of storage capacity. Vos Logistics provides the complete flow of goods. The company offers forwarding, storage and distribution to full supply chain solutions.

The company's strength lies in the combination of a Europe-wide network, advanced IT systems and a consistent focus on quality and service.

Value added Hidden Champion

We were able to quickly connect with the world of logistics and the Vos Logistics story and company culture, which meant our copy reflected the brand as if we sat at Vos Logistics the whole year through.  


GRI Annual Report