Vos Logistics Annual Report 2020

Vos Logistics is one of Europe’s leading logistics service providers, delivering transport and supply chain services across a wide range of industries. 

The request

An integrated financial and sustainability report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. In English.

The process

A thorough understanding of the company and broader industry context

Building on the strong knowledge gained through writing the 2019 report, we quickly established a thorough picture of the challenges and successes of 2020. Through a series of interviews and desktop research, we established a clear view of the events of the year and their impact on the long-term strategy of the company and the industry.

Knowledge of GRI guidelines

We ensured the report was produced in accordance with the GRI guidelines and put in place plans for future reports to maintain this high standard.

Content plan and project plan

Working closely with the Head of Communications, we mapped out a content and project plan.  Both plans provided a strong yet flexible foundation for producing a high quality report. 

Tight project management, consistent communication

We held weekly meetings and remained in close communication to ensure a smooth, efficient and high quality production process. 

Meticulous finish

Close management of last minute information meant a meticulous finish and the delivery of a flawless report.


At Hidden Champion, we are committed to continuous improvement. No matter how happy our clients are, we want to take our work to the next level. This means taking the time and effort for careful review and reflection at the close of each project.

But wait, there’s more!

We also delivered a Dutch – English translation of the press release accompanying the report (in under 24 hours) and produced a company booklet covering report highlights.

Our secret sauce? 

 We love what we do! We really want to get to know your company and help you win. We’ve got a tonne of communications experience, brain power and won’t stop until we’ve done an amazing job.