With operations in Europe and North America, Refresco is the world's largest independent bottler for retailers and A-brands. Soft drinks and fruit juices are bottled at 60 productiaon sites across Europe, the US and Canada.

Working closely with the Refresco team in Rotterdam, Hidden Champion wrote the English-language annual report 2019 for this innovative company under the GRI (Global Report Initiative) guidelines.

Read CEO Hans Roelofs proudly discuss Refresco’s progress in its sustainability path, recyclable packaging and successful acquisitions

Annual Report Refresco

Hidden Champion’s three-step approach

We approached the annual report project via a three-step process:

1) Audit of the previous annual report.
2) Workshop 'Process planning'.
3) Copywriting and project management annual report.

Step 1: Audit of 2018 annual report
The Refresco annual report 2018 is analysed based on the following aspects:

Strengths and weaknesses
What’s missing and what can be improved, and how does it relate to the reporting of comparable companies?

Which chapters/subjects work well?
Which areas/subjects are missing, and which require more/less detail?

Is the core message clear in the individual chapters?
Is the text supported by the right visual material (graphs, illustrations)?

Tone of voice
Is the report transparent?
Does it match the tone of voice of the company and its stakeholders?
Does it meet the needs of its target groups?

Check spelling and grammar.

Step 2: 'Process Planning' workshop

The Hidden Champion writing and project management team leads a workshop for part of a day. Together with the Refresco team, we determined the starting points for planning the editorial process:

1) Establishing core objectives and core messages.
2) Establishing priorities in terms of content.
3) Determining the process for content delivery and content approval.
4) Assembling the project team and assigning roles.
5) Defining the review process.
6) Setting up a digital platform, including authorisation for those responsible.
7) Establishing planning, including consultation moments with the working group.
8) Drawing up an editorial calendar.

The 'deliverable' after this workshop was the 'Annual Report Roadmap', a document containing all the appointments from the workshop.

Step 3: Copywriting Refresco annual report 2019
On the basis of the approved 'Annual Report Roadmap', the editorial process starts with a lead time of three montahs.

This approach involved the following components:

• Stakeholder interviews
• Research and analysis
• Determining the core story
• Writing, final editing and proofreading
• Project management

Annual report Refresco