OMVE is a leading supplier of high-quality, small-scale liquid process equipment for laboratory and pilot applications. This beautiful Dutch company serves customers all over the world. A native English text writer from Hidden Champion has transcreated the corporate story into the new website www.omve.com.

During a conversation with marketer Sandra Prüm and director Michael Coopman, the global ambitions of OMVE were discussed. Objectives, target groups, future employees, competition, new developments, opportunities and threats were put on the market.

Tone-of-voice for global audience
Based on this conversation and the many information that was already available, our English native copywriter started working with texts that correspond in terms of content and tone of voice to the 'native', the 'near-native' target group and the dna from OMVE in De Meern.

After approving 2 style tests he wrote the other English content for the mostly technical topics:
- carbonation
- cleaning in place
- heat treatment
- blending & mixing
- homogenizing
- fermenting
- deaeration
- buffering
- filling & closing
- batch cooking
- crystallization & aeration
- utilities.

SEO strategy and content plan
OMVE is growing worldwide. Next step is the development of an SEO strategy and an appropriate content plan to work on the thought leadership of this internationally oriented hidden champion company.