LeasePlan content library

In September 2017, Hidden Champion undertook a writing and editing project through the PR agency Hollander van der Mey for LeasePlan, a world leader in vehicle leasing solutions. In particular, Hidden Champion’s English-language content writers were tasked with updating LeasePlan’s content library to reflect the new company strategy.

White papers, leaflets and brochures
After LeasePlan’s new strategy launch – which involves the ambitious goal of providing “Any car, anytime, anywhere” via the three pillars of digitalisation, sustainability and cars-as-a-service, much of LeasePlan’s marketing material needed to be brought up to date. Hidden Champion helped re-write large parts of the LeasePlan content library, including white papers, leaflets and brochures.

Over 10,000 words of content
In total, Hidden Champion’s team of English-native writers worked on over 10,000 words of content in just under two weeks. The results? Some of the white papers and leaflets are available online at