Kintaro Publishing is a Dutch boutique publisher of high-quality art books dedicated to global tattoo culture. Founded in 2011, Kintaro’s diverse portfolio covers a wide range of topics and eras, from ancient Japanese traditions to the latest works by modern tattoo legends. To help the brand engage its thriving community of fans Hidden Champion created and delivered a vibrant content calendar full of inspiring blogs, newsletters, and social posts. Each piece of content reflected the high levels of dedication and passion that define Kintaro – tapping into the unique dynamism that unites the tattoo community.
Below are some examples of the content and campaigns we created:

Monthly ‘Coffee with Kintaro’ blog

Powered by endless curiosity, Kintaro’s mission is to bring fans the world’s best tattoo art. The Coffee with Kintaro blog pursues this goal, diving deep into the lesser-known corners of tattoo culture. From mystic Sak Yant traditions to the modern Dutch tattoo scene, each blog conveys an intriguing insight, an artist interview, or a key element of tattoo lore.

Kintaro Asia launch

Known for its rich and varied tattooing traditions, Asia is a tattoo lover’s dream. And Kintaro set its sights on expanding its presence in the region with the launch of Kintaro Asia. Hidden Champion helped to build anticipation around the launch with a tailored social media campaign, as well as regular e-newsletters to prepare the Kintaro community for this major new development.

Kintaro’s first children’s book

The book Yokka wants a tattoo by artist Emiel Steenhuizen, released in 2022, was Kintaro’s first-ever book for kids. To celebrate the occasion, Hidden Champion created a Coffee with Kintaro blog featuring the author, a newsletter introducing the new book to the Kintaro community, and social posts to promote this exciting new step for the publishing house.

Shane Tan book launch

Widely regarded as one of Singapore’s foremost tattoo artists, Shane Tan is a modern legend on the tattoo scene – and the news that he was producing a book with Kintaro was enough to make any tattoo fan excited! Hidden Champion’s launch strategy channelled the buzz surrounding the launch with carefully curated social posts and a newsletter.