The cooperative HollandDoor helps agricultural professionals around the world get to know the Dutch agricultural sector and find the right business partners. Hidden Champion supports the implementation of HollandDoor’s content strategy, in order to tell its story better to its target groups. One of the steps in this strategy was to professionalise and optimise the English digital newsletter, in form, content and global tone of voice.

Marketing & Communication HollandDoor

HollandDoor wants to contribute to stronger global high-quality agriculture and horticulture. For this purpose, it offers programmes aimed at the agricultural sector, including horticulture, arable farming and cattle breeding. To strengthen the distinctive proposition to customers and potential customers, various communication channels are used, such as the website and a digital newsletter, to regularly share knowledge and programmes with the target group.

HollandDoor logo

Redesigning the digital newsletter

We asked our partner Reclameloods Rotterdam to propose a modified design for the newsletter. The positioning of the image and colour elements used now gives HollandDoor its own ‘face’. Take a look at the newsletter here

Support with English articles

For each edition of the newsletter, one of our native-English copywriters supports the rewriting of articles in English.

  • They ensure that the texts are 100% accurate in terms of grammar, spelling and consistency.
  • Make headlines more attractive and interesting.
  • Reduce academic and passive language.
  • Make texts more accessible to all target groups.
  • Consistently use UK or US English.