At De Heus Animal Nutrition, sustainable and safe production of animal feed is central. The company develops products for the agricultural sector with a focus on sustainability and animal welfare. Hidden Champion supported De Heus in its mission by writing and rewriting a series of  blogs, a whitepaper and developing a commercial brochure in English.

Prelacto White Paper

The topic of the English white paper was 'How to ensure the best possible start to a new
lactation. The right nutritional and management choices for your cows'. The paper describes nutritional and management measures that dairy farmers can implement to improve the long-term health and financial performance of their livestock.

Based on a comprehensive document written by De Heus content experts, Hidden Champion created the right structure and storyline. We then developed a tone of voice that was appropriate for the target group of international readers.

Commercial brochure and blogs

Once De Heus had approved the white paper, the next step saw one of Hidden Champion’s native-
English copywriters use the input to create a commercial sales brochure. We then received a request from global marketing and communications consultant Eline Vervoorn to compose a series of English-language blogs, which will be used during the campaign to direct traffic to the Prelacto landing page. The ultimate goal of the blogs is to encourage people to read the white paper and generate interest in the Prelacto dry period plan among farmers worldwide.

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