Magazine Pain Management

Sint Maartenskliniek is a leading hospital in Europe and America in the treatment of posture and movement disorders. Hidden Champion developed the magazine concept, and then created the English magazine 'Pain Management' based on interviews with doctors.

Goal of the magazine
The aim of the magazine is to promote global collaboration and knowledge sharing with partners to develop more effective pain treatments. The publication is used at seminars and congresses in Europe and the United States. 

Innovative treatments for pain relief
In the first edition, we highlight innovative treatments that are internationally recognised. From neuromodulation and the RealHealth program, to local anaesthetic nerve blocks and the use of virtual reality technology. 

The 3 phases
The magazine was created through collaboration between a native English copywriter, a designer at Reclameloods, a photographer, a content manager, the head of Communication and the medical manager of Pain and Anaesthesiology.

1. magazine concept & table of contents
After an initial meeting with the medical manager of Pain and Anaesthesiology and the head of Communication, the magazine concept and table of contents were devised.

2: interviews with specialists
Face-to-face interviews with eight content experts:
Mark Van Houdenhoven (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Natasja Monday (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Specialist), Ivar Bruaset (Medical Manager and Anaesthesiologist), Kris Vissers (Professor Pain and Palliative Medicine and Anesthesiologist), Bart van den Bemt (Medical Manager and Senior Pharmacist), Leon Vonhögen (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Specialist), Désiree Engelbart (Head of RealHealth) and Marike Soree (Project Leader RealHealth).

3: look & feel, layout, infographic
When designing the look & feel, we took the fixed house style into account. Naturally, the logo and fixed colour scheme of Sint Maartenskliniek were used. 

But we also received free reign, so we opted for a light layout, with a nice balance between text and image. The orange line used at the bottom of each page is a metaphor for pain; the curve upwards suggests the interruption of a constant neutral state.

5 disciplines
Hidden Champion Hidden Champion used 5 disciplines for the development of the magazine:
• design 
• formatting 
• text writing 
• photography
• coordination

Co-production with Reclameloods Rotterdam.

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