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Insight Software is a multinational software company revolutionising today’s financial reporting and enterprise performance management landscape. As programmers, salespeople and marketers, the company provides business intelligence tools that offer clearer visibility – for more effective decision-making across the entire organisation. The business is growing rapidly, and now has offices in the US, Europe, Africa and Australia, due to a number of recent acquisitions of tech companies.


Why did they need Hidden Champion services?

Even within a growing global business, clear challenges remain – and more are on the way. How, for example, should insightsoftware tackle the enormous volume of content that has to be produced across all of their separate offices around the world? Of the existing content, what is relevant, what meets the company’s quality standards, and what should the new over-arching tone of voice be for these communications pieces?

How did our English copywriters approach the task?
Insight Software recognises that high-quality communication materials – from copy to design – drive greater visibility and authority among the firm’s target group of CFOs worldwide. As such, the company selected the best pieces from among their existing texts to give to Hidden Champion to improve. Our native-English copywriters rewrote more than 60 blogs, product texts and landing pages, and aligned them all within a clear and consistent tone of voice.

What was the outcome?
The entire project was completed in two weeks. Once delivered, the texts were extremely well received by our client Insight Software. View the English texts on the company website here.

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