our copywriters will help you to grow your business


Our team of experienced English copywriters are fully bilingual: they understand what you’re saying in Dutch and use the subtleties of English to transform your text to an audience-focused message. We understand the needs of different audiences, both native and ‘near-native’ and we address these, using the right words, the right style, the right tone. 
Our copywriters are at home in both US and UK English and have a track record in pretty much every field of business.

Copywriting & writing

Our copywriters prefer to hear the message ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’! When we meet up and talk to you, then we really get a feeling for the message you want to bring across to your intended audience. So, we prefer to arrange a 
meeting – telephone or face to face – and write the copy directly, based on what you tell us. This often saves you a lot of time as well – as it’s often easier for you to tell the story than to write it down and have it translated. In this way, we’ve written, designed and produced audience-focused brochures, manuals, blogs, Linked-in press releases, newsletters and much much more.

Editing & rewriting

Are you sure you’re getting your message across? That your reader understands exactly what you mean? Many of the so-called English texts sent to us need quite a bit of polishing before they are ready to be sent out to the intended audience.

Here again, our team of editors are native English speakers and extremely experienced. Not only do they make sure the text is grammatically correct and that the right words are in place, they look at the style elements, consistency, cohesion and tone of voice, to ensure that your text does what you wanted it to do. After all, the final copy sent to the publisher has to be perfect!

Translation or transcreation

Does your organisation operate in multiple countries? The native-speaker translators at Hidden Champion are happy to help you translate your story into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Or vice versa; from a foreign language into Dutch. Read more about our approach to translation and transcreation.