June 2022


Making a difference as a company by creating value for people, the environment and society while achieving healthy financial results. That story can be told to the world. Not just in formal reports, but through all offline and online channels available for that purpose. The consultants and content creators at Hidden Champion are happy to advise on how to make your organisation's sustainability strategy visible with a multi-channel approach.

Complex sustainability themes

Translate sustainability themes into a clear content strategy and communication calendar. Designing communication channels so that they are prepared to tell your story. Creating stories in text, video, infographics, explainables and photography that touch the hearts of your stakeholders with the right tone of voice. That makes us and our clients happy. Hidden Champion is a collective of driven specialists who – just like our clients – believe in the transition to a sustainable future.

Be good and tell it

Good examples are valuable to tell. From installing solar panels and providing insulation for office buildings to the fully circular production of products. Every step is worth communicating. Your customers, partners and other relations like to see that your company takes responsibility and has a long-term vision.

No non-committal sustainability communication

As of March 2021, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation will come into effect. With this, the European Union obliges financial institutions to report on their sustainable efforts. Companies themselves are faced with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. The CSRD significantly broadens the scope of companies that must report on sustainability in Europe.

New uniform language

Those who think that this is where the regulation ends are wrong. The EU has created a taxonomy to identify and stimulate sustainable investments. The EU Taxonomy is a new uniform language that helps distinguish which investments contribute to the sustainability goals. This means that companies that do not have a sustainable strategy will find it increasingly difficult to obtain financing in the future.

Work needs to be done

Do your stakeholders also want transparency about your sustainability policy? Are you developing initiatives in this area that you would like to share? Then talk further with the consultants at Hidden Champion. Which approach is best for your company depends on many factors. What are your (communication) goals? Which stakeholders are relevant to your organisation? What is the current reputation of your company? Where do you stand in the sustainability process? And what impact do you have on your environment? We think along about how to strategically put your sustainability communication on the map by telling a clear and authentic story to the world.