Clear crisis communications

The coronavirus, or Covid-19, is causing unrest and damage to the economy worldwide. Stock markets are showing deep red figures. We’re seeing how vulnerable business processes can be. The good news is that there are things that you and your company can do to successfully manage unexpected risks and guarantee business continuity.

Many companies are now asking: how do we reassure our stakeholders and shareholders? How do we keep our employees well informed? How and when do we communicate about the consequences of the coronavirus for our company? And what exactly is our message?

Reputation management

At Hidden Champion, we are confident that companies can manage reputations through these challenging times. And central to this is targeted and transparent communications.

As a specialist in communications strategy, content management and creation, we can support your company with clear crisis communications and help get you this demanding period.

So how can we help?
-  Crisis communication strategy and planning A-Z
-  Copywriting and editing (English and Dutch)
-  Video scripts, messaging and production
-  Graphic design (e.g. animations, design, infographics)
-  Content management and project coordination
-  Media monitoring, PR and spokesperson services
-  Social media advice and content creation
-  Sparring partnerr

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