Perfecting your annual report

It’s time to report back. At Hidden Champion, we create annual reports in both Dutch and English, allowing your company to communicate fluidly with customers, partners and stakeholders around the world.

A team of experts
Thanks to the experience and expertise of the native-English copywriters and graphic designers at Hidden Champion, we can handle both the strategy and execution of your annual report. Our writers have helped a variety of organisations – from Eurojust, the European Union’s Judicial Corporation Unit, to Royal Schiphol Group, one the world’s leading airport operators – to publish top-quality annual reports. 

Schiphol case study
Our writers created the 2018 annual report for Royal Schiphol Group, which was a fully integrated report of more than 100,000 words, covering everything from financial performance to sustainability. By meeting with various stakeholders from across the organisation, they were able to understand the central messages and key talking points.

One copywriter worked closely with Schiphol’s Communications and Investor Relations teams to help shape the content deliverables, and then the rest of the team proofread and edited the full report during the finalisation process. They received excellent feedback from Schiphol Group’s Management Board, and as Schiphol’s first annual report to be written in English before being translated into Dutch – it was a major success.

Online versus offline
Whether your annual report is going to be viewed online or in print, the content specialists at Hidden Champion are able to tailor it accordingly. With an online report, they know how to use SEO to deliver text which will increase its findability via the Google search engine. The advantage of showcasing your report online is its 24/7 presence, its measurability using google analytics, as well as its shareability across a range of social media.  

Recent research by Hidden Champion shows that a large proportion of respondents are still opting for a print version of their annual report because they believe it’s more permanent. A third option also remains popular: to create a cross-media solution. This offers organisations the opportunity to update the content throughout the year, and allows stakeholders and employees a glimpse into the past and present – making it easier to monitor progress.

The structure, content, tone-of-voice and financial accountability of an annual report should be aligned to make one story. This story should reflect your brand, your corporate identity, and your content strategy for the future. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you perfect your annual report.

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