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360-degree marketing in the Digital Age

From business communication blogs to marketing and sales guidebooks, everyone is talking about “360-degree marketing”. But, behind its punchy title, what exactly is it? Well, 360-degree marketing is nothing less than the creation of an aligned B2B and B2C experience across various channels and through various mediums – text, design, video, and photography, to name just a few.

And what is the aim of 360-degree marketing? Ultimately, it’s the use of a wide range of different strategies to reach and understand the target group, and offer them what they really want. And most importantly, 360-degree marketing is the expression of the future of content, and a way for businesses to intimately shape and dialogue with B2B and B2C audiences.

A new vision
To achieve this though, companies – and by extension their marketing and advertising agencies –are beginning to totally reassess the way they have traditionally worked, as well as the ways in which they have to adapt. The mediums available to brands are becoming so diverse that a new comprehensive, workable strategy is having to be drawn up.

To meet these changing marketing and communication needs, we have created Hidden Champion. Hidden Champion is not a traditional agency, but rather an international platform of marketing communications specialists working in a single vision for the customer and its brands. We can deliver a coherent message for both B2B and B2C audiences that aligns on different platforms and through different mediums. Our professionals can find a way to express one vision in different voices.

A new dialogue
Our different marketing professionals, experts in a wide variety of disciplines, will create a story in which the target group is fully submerged, so as to offer deeper meaning and connection. By operating in the same creative space, the various Hidden Champion experts can align and deliver a message that will persuade, convince, inform or suggest, whatever your specific goals may be.

Let’s get specific. A clear synergy of web developers and creative marketers is necessary in the creation of a website, for example. Though fully optimised, functioning content and Search Engine Optimisation is important, these elements are relatively useless if customers find themselves at a bland or boring homepage. Function and style must meet, and statistically minded professionals need to be in dialogue with the creatively inclined. Again, if a marketing campaign fails to tick all these boxes, the running of the campaign could fall flat on its face. Success is driven by a high level of functional integration.

A sense of togetherness
In short, the essence of 360-degree marketing is a new sense of togetherness between brands and both other businesses and consumers, a deepening of dialogue between the functional and the creative, and a greater meeting of the diverse and the particular. By orchestrating their communication and marketing efforts, across the diverse platforms of the Digital Age, Hidden Champion can offer brands a unified expression of their vision – and one that will resonate loud and clear.

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