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Boost your credibility: Editing your English business website

Everybody knows how a simple spelling error and poor use of language leaves a negative impression on a reader. When it comes to an English business website these mistakes can cost you credibility and potential customers. In addition, misspelled keywords can negatively affect SEO and conversion rates.

Research has shown that, on average web users spend 5.9 seconds reading the written content on a site. Which ultimately means you’ve got less than 6 seconds to not only convince them to keep reading but also create a great first impression.

Why do you need an English language website?
English is the business language of the world and when you tailor your content for a global audience you speak to a larger customer group. Not only native speakers, but the additional millions that use it as a second language.

Your business website is more than just a place to store your contact details. It’s an extension of your corporate identity and a platform to express your company’s tone-of-voice.
Your tone-of-voice engages and builds trust with customers. It becomes part of your brand DNA and expresses your beliefs, values and ways of thinking. It’s an important tool for influencing decisions and often it’s what sets your company apart from competitors.

What is copy editing?
Copy editing is the preparation of the text on your website for publication. An Editor – ideally a native English speaker – takes the time to scan the written text on your site for common errors and misspellings.

A good copy editor, however, will do more than just correct spelling and grammar. They will study the copy for correct punctuation, catch inconsistencies in style and refine wordy text. If necessary, they will also polish syntax (how words and phrases are arranged to make well-formed sentences) to maintain the interest of the reader.

When would your website require editing?
If your site was originally written by a non-native English speaker or translated by an agency it is a good idea to have your website reviewed by an English copyeditor. This will ensure the copy is crisp and reader-ready before your site goes live.

Often text translations are done by non-native speakers, and agencies choose direct translation over transcreation. This frequently results in unnecessarily lengthy paragraphs, jumbled sentences and lost messaging.

How can Hidden Champion help you?
You might already have published content on your English site, or perhaps you're about to launch a brand-new site with translated text. Before you hit the publish button, get in touch with Hidden Champion for a comprehensive copy review guaranteed to boost your credibility.

With a combination of editorial, SEO, communication and journalism skills, our expert copywriters and editors are experienced and ready to transform your text from average to stellar.

So, to summarise here’s why you should consider English copy editing for your site:
• Boost your professional credibility
• Increase SEO ranking with correctly spelled keywords
• Capture and engage customers at the most critical time
• Identify your brand’s tone-of-voice
• Refine your messaging
Get in touch with Hidden Champion today to discuss how we can help you edit your site for success.


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